Our Approach

In a competitive context, the productivity and performance of employees constitutes itself as a daily concern for many organisations.

Here at Welbees, we bring our expertise in fatigue and data analytics to organisations looking for the highest safety level without jeopardising productivity or performance. From the first diagnosis until the execution of risk mitigation countermeasures, we implement scientific methodologies tailored to fit your operational context.

Our services aim to assist organisations in reaching ultimate balance between safety and performance.

Our Main Services

  • Management of fatigue-related risks
  • Implementation of Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS)
  • Data analysis and statistical assessment
  • Biomathematical models of fatigue
  • Chronobiological analysis of shift-workers/crew schedules
  • Workload assessment by means of a scientific and validated methodology
  • Elaboration of customised guidelines on fatigue and sleep management
  • Training at all organisational levels: human factors and risk management, individual management of fatigue, implementation of FRMS
  • Contribution to State-monitored specifications for the design of innovative technologies


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