Targeted populations


Three populations are especially exposed to fatigue-related risks in this industry

> Pilots

> Cabin crews

> Air traffic controllers


Key challenges


Welbees has identified three keys challenges for your industry:

> Safety of crew members and travellers

> Productivity of employees and operational performance of the company

> Health of employees

> Compliance with current regulations & norms

Implementation of the FRMS within airlines

State of fatigue in the company


Qualitative diagnostic :

• Interviews and focus groups with employees and management

• Evaluation of the current Fatigue Risk Management System

• Hours of work analysis

Quantitative diagnostic :

• Large scale survey (all employees) to understand and quantify the factors contributing to fatigue and their impact on the social climate within the company

Collection of sleep & fatigue data


Implementation of data collection campaigns for employee sleep and fatigue:

• Campaigns based on the outcome of the diagnostic of fatigue risk in the company

• Daily data collection

• Digitized and automated collection thanks to the Welbees technology (mobile app)

• Personalized collection for each employee

A precise prediction of fatigue risk


• Based upon data specific to the company and the individuals

• An algorithm based upon the principles of machine learning

Hours of work evaluation by the predictive model

Measures impacting the design of plannings


• Implementation of measures for the individual management of fatigue risk (naps, rest breaks, …)

Communication materials for employees

Training and communicating around fatigue risk

Fatigue in air transportation, a few figures:


• More than 20% of deadly accidents in air transportation have fatigue as a contributing factor

• Several international regulations for civil aviation have made the management of fatigue by airlines and air traffic control centers mandatory


Our custom-made services

Welbees analyzes – with a scientific methodology – your work organization around fatigue risk management, plannings and theoritical rhythms of work as well as sleep and fatigue of employees in the workplace.


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