Targeted populations


Two populations are especially exposed to fatigue-related risks in this industry:

> Healthcare personnel

> Paramedical staff

Key challenges

Welbees has identified three key challenges for your industry:

> Safety of patients and healthcare workers

> Health of healthcare workers

> Operational performance of healthcare workers

Fatigue in healthcare, a few figures :


• In France, medical errors lead to 40 to 50 000 deaths a year. 40% of those errors are caused by human & organizational factors

• 42% of doctors and 31% of nurses say they commited a medical error caused by fatigue in the last 6 months

• Healthcare staff working night shifts have a 50% higher chance to be exposed to pathogens because of fatigue-related erros

Our custom-made services

Welbees analyzes – with a scientific methodology – your work organization around fatigue risk management, plannings and theoritical rhythms of work as well as sleep and fatigue of employees in the workplace.


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