Tools developed by Welbees

Along the years, we have taken advantage of scientific findings to develop and perferct our own methods and tools.


We have notably developed our own scientific methodology for planning analysis :


Furthermore, we have developed the TimeWiks Analytics solution to: 

 Digitize and automate the collection of sleep and fatigue data among employees 

 Digitize the reporting process 

 Offer employees personalized recommendations 

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 The consultant’s toolbox

Focus groups


Focus group and interviews are commonly used to explore problematic in depths by giving actors within the organization an opportunity to share their experiences.

The data collected during those focus groups and interviews must be precise and relevant : this is why Welbees’ consultants are trained to conduct interviews. Their experience ensure that those exchanges will bring answers to essential questions of our study.

These exchanges last for 30 minutes up to more than an hour, and can be done in groups ranging from one to ten people. We adapt our methodology according to the needs of the survey and the availability of our interlocutors.



Welbees is equipped with all the actigraphs necessary to conduct a study.

Actigraphs are discreet and necessitate no actions from the wearer, and so allow for the collection of data without any consequences on the productivity of your employees. 

During the implementation of a Fatigue Risk Management System, Welbees will support the integration of actigraphs among the tools of the company. 

Welbees has developed a partnership with Phasya, a company specialized in the implementation of monitoring systems for physiological and cognitive signals. The solutions developed by Phasya allow Welbees to access tools such as electroencephalography or eye-tracking, and apply these technologies to your risk management needs.