The organization of work around fatigue risk management

The analyzed elements


Procedures and documentation for fatigue risk management in the organization (e.g. procedures for accident management).

Level of « maturity » of the fatigue-related « safety culture » among different populations in the company.

Organizational charts and dedicated ressources.



We have developed a scientific expertise :

Audit of your organization and of your procedures by analyzing existing documents and conducting interviews with key personnel in your organization.

Quantitative study (smartphone or web) on safety culture and fatigue risks based upon a scientific methodology as well as the insights from the audit.



Audit of processes implemented by the company regarding the management and the prevention of fatigue-related risks, of hours of work, of rest breaks, infrastructures and databases, … 

Results of the quantitative study on safety and the perception of fatigue risk among employees.

Recommandations for the implementation of procedures to increase the maturity of fatigue risk management (incident management procedures, reporting processes for employees, …).



Plannings and theoretical rhythms of work

The analyzed elements


> The essential factors of hours ouf work in your organization :

   • Duty lengths

   • Length of breaks

   • Time zone transition

   • Night work

Depending on the variability of hours of work in your company, we conduct an analysis on periods ranging from a few weeks to a few months. 



From our experience with various industries, we developed our own methodology for the analysis of hours of work.

A quantitative analysis of the hours of work over a long period to detect “critical periods”.

A qualitative analysis of the critical periods by out consultants.

> Analysis of existing procedures and methodologies to build up rotations and shifts (rules, prioritization, organization, ru–softwares, …).



Identifying the organizational factors favoring a high level of fatigue-related risk.

> Audit of the hours of work design process

> Recommandations to improve the design process of the hours of work, and list of factors impacting employees fatigue in the hours of work.

Sleep and fatigue of employees in the workplace

The analyzed elements


> Declarative data : daily collection of worked hours and sleep logs of your employees by means of a dedicated mobile app.

> Depending on the objectives of the study, we can collect objective sleep data using specialized devices (actigraphy). 

> We also gather individual informations of your employees, relative to their profile, in full compliance with data protection & privacy laws.



> We have developed tools to digitize and automate data collection among employees. Our app is the result of a long collaborative effort with our clients as well as UX (User Experience) experts as to enable the usability for employees.

> We have developed algorithms based upon machine learning

> Our algorithms are designed to adapt to your company’s data (resulting from the diagnostic).



> Measurements of perceived fatigue in the workplace.

> Recommendation and implementation of measures for the individual management of fatigue risk (naps, breaks, …).

> Communication materials for employees.

> Training and awareness for employees and management.