Why Welbees?

Convinced that employees and staff members constitute as the most important asset of a company, we created Welbees, a consulting company specializing in risk management associated with fatigue.

With extensive knowledge and experience in the development and implementation of Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS), our objective is to enable the connection between the last advances of scientific research and the operational and industrial necessities needed to boost our clients’ performance.

Our Leadership


Welbees was born from the synergy between two complementary profiles, human sciences and engineering.


Viravanh Somvang

Data Science and Risk Analyst
Aeronautical Engineer (ENAC) – specialization in
Human Factors and safety management
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Philippe Cabon

Scientific expert in Fatigue
Lecturer and Researcher in Ergonomics at
the University of Paris-Descartes – PhD in Neurosciences
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