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 Diagnostic of your fatigue risk management

Audit of processes in place within the company with regards to fatigue risk management and prevention, hours of work, rest breaks, organization and tools used, data collected, … 

Investigation among employees and managers to assess the perception and the impact of fatigue on safety and performance in the company:  

    •Surveys among the whole population  

    •Interviews and qualitative focus groups 

 Targeted studies


> Measurement of fatigue and analysis of contributing factors in operations– Recommendations for individual fatigue risk management

> Hours of work analysis and suggestions for evolution (e.g.: going from a 2×8 to a 3×8 system) – Rest breaks and nap management

> Accident analysis : Specific analysis of past incidents- Implementation of processes to determine the role of fatigue in the incidents

> Implementation of a reporting system for fatigue risk management

> Support for the establishment of norms and reference documents, …

We are developing a software that revolutionizes fatigue risk management


The TimeWiks Analytics solution is composed of a mobile app for employees as well as a back-office for management teams, allowing for the monitoring of fatigue risk all year round. 



The main purposes of our solution 


  • Digitize and automate: Measuring the fatigue levels of different populations and understand the causes, modeling the fatigue levels associated with plannings, allowing the company to conduct data collection campaigns and steer its FRMS (Fatigue Risk Management System)

  • Optimizing your plannings by integrating a modelization of your employees’ fatigue

  •  An individual fatigue management assistant for your employees (by means of a mobile app) – including a fatigue prediction feature and personalized recommendations


We are currently in the testing phase of TimeWiks Analytics preceding its commercial launch.

Feel free to contact us to learn about the latest evolutions and benefit from a demonstration of our tool.


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Our training courses

Our courses cover all aspects of Human Factors and risk management, encouraging interactions and discussions between participants to take on problematics specific to them. The content of our modules may be adapted depending on your needs.

We provide 4 different courses :


> Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS)

> Individual fatigue management

> Human Factors and risk management

> Safety Management Systems (SMS)