Stress and Fatigue Risk Management
at the Heart of Work Organisation


Preventing accidents
at work


Protecting the well-being and
health of employees


Reduce employee absenteeism
and presenteeism




From the initial diagnosis to the implementation of preventive measures, we provide our expertise in the field of fatigue and psychosocial risks using scientific methodologies adapted to your operational context.



Based on internationally recognised expertise, we offer training in human factors and psychosocial risk management. These courses can be adapted to your needs in order to increase your teams’ skills and awareness of these issues.



With more than 25 years of experience in fatigue risk management in the aviation industry, Welbees develops tools for fatigue risk management: the first fatigue prediction tool based on dynamic data collected among aircrews

Our Story

A Unique approach based on predictive modelling of work-related stress and fatigue

With internationally recognised expertise, Welbees has been assisting numerous air transport companies for several years in the management of staff stress and fatigue (Air Corsica, Vietnam Airlines, Dubai Airport, Eurocontrol, etc.).

The research work carried out by Dr Philippe CABON, co-founder of Welbees, has been the subject of over 150 scientific publications. We also work closely with regulatory authorities and international institutions. We cover the risks associated with employee stress and fatigue.

We are convinced that improving the health, safety and quality of life at work of employees requires innovative and collaborative management of work organisation. This is why Welbees has developed a unique scientific approach at the crossroads of data science and risk analysis, to enable you to identify and prioritise your actions on the ground.

Why manage fatigue risk ?

Pourquoi gérer le risque fatigue dans mon entreprise ?

Customer Testimonials

They trust us


Welbees Co-founders

« Believing that people are a company’s most important asset, we set up Welbees in 2016 – a company that specialises in fatigue risk management for companies working shifts.« 
Philippe Cabon

Philippe CABON


Scientific expert on stress and fatigue, Lecturer at the University of Paris

Dr Philippe Cabon is a scientific expert on sleep and fatigue. He holds a PhD in neuroscience and has over 25 years of experience in fatigue risk assessment in operational environments. He has worked on numerous projects with major players in the transportation and industrial sectors, as well as with authorities in France and abroad. He has been a member of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) working group on fatigue management, and has been appointed as a scientific expert to the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and to the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC).

Viravanh Somvang

Viravanh SOMVANG


Human Factors Engineer, specialising in risk management and data analysis

Viravanh Somvang is an aeronautical engineer specialising in Human Factors. She has been working closely with Dr Philippe Cabon for more than 10 years on fatigue and stress risk management in high-risk industries. She has conducted numerous consulting projects and training courses on fatigue and stress risk management for the transport industry, both in France and internationally. Viravanh is an expert in statistical modelling and fatigue prediction, including chronobiological analysis of schedules and the use of biomathematical fatigue models.


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