Welbees helps you transform your work organisation to better manage human factors risks

Welbees Support

Managing psychosocial risks at the heart of your business

We provide our expertise to companies seeking the highest level of health and safety at work, without compromising productivity and performance.

Our Goal

To provide you with operational scientific support for the implementation of a risk management system for stress and fatigue of your employees

Interviews, Focus Groups & Literature Review

Real Data Collection & Targeted Stress & Fatigue Surveys

Statistical analysis & Predictive modelling of psychosocial risk factors

Implementation of prevention measures and monitoring of their effectiveness


Audit of work organisation around fatigue risk management


Qualitative analysis of critical periods by our consultants


Assessment of employee stress and fatigue

Application Welbees

Nous utilisons notre propre outil de collecte de données permettant d’évaluer et d’identifier les facteurs de risques psychosociaux dans vos opérations afin de fournir des recommandations

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