Welbees is a consultancy specialized in fatigue risk management

Our assessment


Fatigue is a major issue for safety, health and performance at work



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Our purpose


Fatigue risk management for your performance



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Welbees’ founders


Welbees was born from the synergy of two expert profiles in aviation, combining human sciences and engineering


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“Adopting a scientific approach when planning hours of work and its organization allows to prevent major risks associated with fatigue within the company : safety, employees’ health conditions and operational performances”


Philippe Cabon,

Scientific expert, Research fellow in Human Factors at Paris-Descartes University​

Phd in neurosciences​



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Our services

Welbees bring its expertise to organizations seeking the highest levels of safety, without compromising productivity and performance. From the initial diagnostic to the implementation of risk mitigation measures, we bring our expertise in fatigue management and advanced statistical models by using scientific methods adapted to your operational context.



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NEWS: Welbees is launching TimeWiks Analytics

TimeWiks Analytics is a digital solution to bridge safety and productivity through fatigue risk management



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Our industries

With years of recognized expertise acquired in the aeronautical sector, we intervene in all organizations confronted with problematics related to Human Factors and risks management



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