Audit of the organisation of work around fatigue risk management

  • Procedures and reference documents for the management of fatigue-related risks within the organisation (e.g. procedures for monitoring events/accidents, feedback system, etc.)
  • Levels of safety culture maturity among the different categories of employees in the company
  • Organisational charts of dedicated resources
  • Audit of your organisation and procedures by carrying out an analysis of existing documents and a series of interviews with key contributors in your organisation (« gap analysis »)
  • Quantitative study (smartphone or web) on safety culture and fatigue risk based on a scientific methodology.

  • Audit of the approaches and processes put in place by the company concerning the management and prevention of risks associated with staff fatigue (working hours, workload, organisational factors).
  • Results of the quantitative study on safety culture and perception of fatigue risk among employees: statistical analyses and modelling of the main risk factors, based on data collected in the field
  • Recommendations on the implementation of measures to improve your fatigue risk management system (incident follow-up procedures, employee feedback process, …)